Extraction of upper and lower jaw teeth. Placement of dental implants and, after an integration period, production of reduced skeletal bars and prostheses.

Metallic ceramic crowns in the upper and lower jaw. The patient had 2 teeth extracted, deep curettage and cleaning of the dental arches; treatment of one tooth and cleaning of carious lesions on 5 teeth.

Metallic ceramic crowns in the upper and lower jaw. Good preparation translates into a good prosthetic restoration.

In the upper jaw, after the placement of 4 dental implants, the patient received a reduced partial denture on rail, which also saw fixations on the implants. At the bottom left, an enviable lateral bridge has been created for the implants.

Zirconia ceramic crown in the upper jaw. Pre-prosthetic preparation included cleaning and curettage around the tooth, treating a root canal, and creating an abutment.

The patient had an upper bridge made with a zirconia base. Due to a more conservative preparation, the patient had provisional teeth worn for a period of 2 months, after which she received the definitive restoration.

Fixed orthodontic therapy. Correction of primary compression in the lower jaw and diastema closure in the upper jaw.